Q. How can you be contacted?


 -Phone: 401-258-0176

- Also by the contact tab above              

Q. Do you do home or office showings/consultations?

-Yes, feel free to reach out and schedule an appointment.

-Use the Links Below

Home Showings

Corporate Art

Room Renderings

Q. What are Award Winning Limited Editions?

 -These are a collection of images that have gone on to receive various international recognition amongst the photography and art world, so they are only available in lower  numbered editions and limited sizes.  Each image has the total number of sizes  that will be sold in the description on the website.

Q. Are all images limited editions?

  - Yes, all the images are limited to a total run of 250, excluding the limited edition fine art prints which have lower edition numbers as well as the solo edition prints. 

Q. Do you offer sizes other than what is listed?

- Contact me let's see what we can do

Q. Do you offer face mounted Acrylic Prints? 

 - Yes I do, and they are beautiful, vibrant and impressive. Contact for pricing and size availability. 

Q.I would like a Framed Paper or Aluminum Print.

  -Please contact me for a custom design to fit your needs 

Q. What is a metal/aluminum print?

  -This is a print done on metal/aluminum through a dye sublimation process they are vibrant lively and full of detail. Archival rated to last over 65+ yrs. before fading. Also easily hangable, cleanable, just need water and a soft cloth, and fairly lightweight. 

Q. Are aluminum prints suited for outdoor applications?

 -Yes, there is specialized aluminum available suited for outdoor applications, please contact for pricing and size availability.

Q. Where can I find Aluminum/Metal or Acrylic/Metal prints? 

 -Simply click on the BUY link when looking at an image and go to the Wall Art section. For further info on materials click on the "See more" link located above size choice as you shop, or you can contact me directly for assistance.

Q. I am interested in a triptych or a split mosaic print? 

 - please contact me for a custom design that will fit your needs


Q. What are lustre paper prints?

  - Lustre paper is a quality photo paper known as Kodak Supra Endura that has great colors characteristics and is fingerprint resistant. These are archival rated prints rated to last 65+ years.

Q. What are fine art paper prints?

 -These are printed on Canson Raq Photographique paper, which is a cotton based museum quality paper. This is my favorite photo paper, I really enjoy the detail, rich color, contrast and texture this paper has. These prints are archival rated to last a lifetime.

Q. I would like a matted lustre paper or fine art paper print? 

 - Please contact me directly for this option. 

  -If you have further questions about paper finishes, you can click on the "See more" link located above size choice as you shop, or contact me directly for assistance.

When in doubt, just ask and I will gladly assist you with any questions or needs.

Fine Art Prints

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