Corporate Art

- Help bring fresh energy, inspiration, motivation and visual interest to your work space.

- Add some visual stimulus to spark creative thinking and positive emotions.

- Have something that will create talking points and commonalities amongst your visitors and staff.

- Create an awe-inspiring surrounding that will make your business stand out to your clients and visitors.

- Studies show the benefits of adding Art to your business:

      Forbes - How and Why You Should Start A Corporate Art Collection

      Business Matters Magazine - Why Every Business Should Have More Art In The Workplace

      Art Acacia - Art Owned by Businesses The Changing Role Of Corporate Art Collections

-Corporate Art Sales and Rentals

        - Free Site Visits and Consultations

        - Free Installation   


-Corporate Rentals       

        - Both for events and 1 year lease terms

        - Pricing depends on size and duration of install/exhibit

        - Monthly payment terms for 1 year leases 

        - Purchase at end of term of Rent to Own

        - Option to rotate something new in every year 

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Fine Art Prints

shipped worldwide

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